New technique uses color and 3-D to identify asbestos-caused disease faster and more accurately.

Over the years I have been seated in scores of hearing rooms and courtrooms – from worker’s comp cases to the ongoing W.R. Grace criminal trial – watching physicians trying desperately to explain to jurors that this or that gray … Continue reading

I'm from the government and I'll never lie to you. Happy 30th birthday – TMI

Thirty years ago today, on March 28, 1979, at 10:55 a.m, some 6 hours and 55 minutes after the sudden shut down of the TMI-2 reactor, Pennsylvania Lt. Governor William Scranton issued this statement: “The Metropolitan Edison Company has informed … Continue reading

The use of nanotechnology in food and packaging soars enormously, but Europe beats the U.S. when it comes to demanding safety in using the technology.

Food scientists that I’ve interviewed recently say that every major manufacturer of food products in the U.S. has either its own in-house team evaluating the use of nanotechnology or has contracted with outside experts for the knowledge. The race is … Continue reading

New government study on possible health hazards from nanoparticles shows much more research is needed and quickly.

Those who care about public health and fear that our government isn’t paying enough attention to the potential hazards spawned by the massive explosion of nano technology have something to cheer. But also something that shows that a lot more … Continue reading

Court tells Chrysler to back off and allow asbestos victim to be buried; meanwhile the automaker's PR staff is busy lobbying for billions more from tax-payers.

Harold St. John will finally be buried over the strenuous objections of the Chrysler automotive company. As if death by mesothelioma wasn’t traumatic enough, the auto giant made the family of the 67-year-old former auto mechanic spend almost two weeks … Continue reading

It's the law. Country of origin must be labeled on many food items but thousands still slip through the government net

There was a time when imported food was coveted, a way to impress your neighbors, friends and colleagues with prosciutto from Italy, sea conchs from Chile, stinky cheese from Denmark, eggplant preserve from Greece, snails from France, and the list … Continue reading

New DOL boss may really care about workers exposed to lung destroying diacetyl on the job. About time someone in Washington did something.

Yesterday, the newly appointed Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, ordered the agency’s first definitive steps to prevent workers’ exposure to food flavorings chemicals containing diacetyl. It was Dec. 21, 2007 when I wrote about a study commissioned by my now … Continue reading

Popcorn flavoring victims dies as jury awards $7.5 million, but government does little to prevent future diacetyl exposure

Ronald Kuiper died last week, just one day before a jury decided that a maker of chemical butter flavoring owed him $7.5 million for destruction of his lungs. Kuiper was 64 when I interviewed him five years ago, just before … Continue reading