EPA releases memo on IG investigation of alleged wrongdoing by it people and contractors in Libby, Mont. No criminal action found.

After two years of refusing repeated requests for its release, the Environmental Protection Agency freed up some information on a preliminary report on alleged criminal actions involving government contractors cleaning up asbestos in Libby, Mont. Last week, Public Employees for … Continue reading

An excitement-filled day as prosecution rests and defense for W.R. Grace calls its first witnesses.

A lot happened in the Missoula courtroom of Judge Donald Molloy Tuesday. I’m just not sure what it all means. I’m going to bow to learned lawyers, reporters smarter that I am and just about anyone else to try to … Continue reading

The district court website for Judge Donald Molloy's own domain offers link and info on filing charges of judicial misconduct. Thank you.

While significant attention in the criminal trial of W.R. Grace has been focused on yet-to-be-proven allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, an increasing number of readers of this blog and elsewhere are questioning whether Judge Donald Molloy’s actions should be scrutinized. Good … Continue reading

While the cat's away, W.R. Grace lawyers fill the docket with yet more motions calling for the criminal trial to end.

Grace lawyers filed a 75-page motion Thursday outlining their reasons why Judge Donald Molloy should end the criminal trial against the company and its former executives now. To save you all some reading, I’ll tell you how their story ends. … Continue reading

So much for judicial decorum. If there were a statue of Lady Justice in Judge Donald Molloy's courtroom, she would need earplugs along with her blindfold.

The W.R. Grace criminal trial has been recessed for a week and the prosecution has not rested its case. Asst. U.S. Attorney Kris McLean said he had called his last witnesses and was expected to rest it’s case Tuesday after … Continue reading