Doctors are seeing “very severe” types of H1N1 flu where immediate and sophisticated treatment is needed for survival


Clinicians from around the world are reporting a very severe form of the Swine Flu and they’re finding it in younger, otherwise healthy people, says the World Health Organization. Infectious disease specialists say that in these patients the virus directly … Continue reading

Bayer chemical will reduce huge West Virginia stockpile of poison that killed thousands in India.

Bayer chemical plant in Institure, WV where two workers were killed last year in an explosion.  Photob y U.S. Cheical Safety Board

Those living beside the chemical plants in the small towns along West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley can breathe a bit easier and maybe sleep a little better. Bayer CropScience announced that it eliminate 80 percent of the of the country’s largest … Continue reading

Federal action is needed to heal poisonous wounds inflicted by mining corporations hunting for money.

Zortman-Landusky mine      photo from MEIC

For decades, hard rock mining, the search for gold, silver and other precious metals, brought people, industry and wealth to Montana. But corporations funding the mining, mostly foreign-owned, abandoned the played-out mines, leaving once beautiful mountains as gutted waste sites … Continue reading

Nanoparticles in sunscreens have more to do with looks than safety, but are they safe?

Image from clipartheaven

Cutting edge nanoscience has put an end to the icky white coating of old sunscreens that that prevented the sun from harming your skin. But scientists for consumer and environmental groups say that while nanosized sun-blocking ingredients like titanium dioxide … Continue reading