Harmful air pollutants circle the globe, endangering the air we breathe everywhere.

Is there anyplace where you can be assured that the air is clean? Probably not. Pollutants emitted from factories, traffic and cooking stoves half a world away could make the air you breathe in the United States more hazardous to … Continue reading

Hunting season is here and so are renewed concerns about lead from bullets poisoning the meat from wild game.

Hunters and those who eat the meat from deer, elk and other large animals they shoot may find themselves at risk for memory problems and other brain and nerve functions. The reason is that lead from the bullets or shotgun … Continue reading

Do you want your pet’s medical treatment to be tax deductible? Sign here.

I can’t believe that the anti-health reform zealots haven’t loudly weighed in on a proposed piece of legislation called the “Happy Act,” which would provide taxpayer-aided medical care for pets. The bill, “Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years,” was … Continue reading

Nanotech may improve the world but how safe will the human race be?

Touted as our next Industrial Revolution, the use of nano particles continues to sweep across the global business world like the high tech tsunami it is. Inventions and new applications fly off laboratory benches and out of clean rooms faster … Continue reading

Most of the world’s infectious diseases have jumped between humans and animals. Medical response is dangerously inadequate.

Zoonotic diseases are caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between animals and humans. Now that we’ve defined what it is, you should know that these species-jumping pathogens have caused more than 65 percent of infectious disease outbreaks worldwide … Continue reading

Swine flu vaccine is almost ready, but preparations for treating masses of pandemic victims is going far too slowly.

The tortuously protracted, unalterable progress of the growth of the first batches of H1N1 vaccine is almost over. Everyone concerned about the looming pandemic is closely watching the vaccine as it finally leaves it laboratory birthplace and is shipped to … Continue reading

As droughts expand and water supplies shrivel, is a world water war inevitable?

(This coldtruth.com special report is a follow up to last week’s story on dirty water.) If your neighbor had plenty of water but you hadn’t enough to keep your family, your livestock and your crops alive, would you fight for … Continue reading