White House cracks down on lobbyists who wiggle their way on to government advisory panels.

Thousands of Washington lobbyists should really savor their Thanksgiving feast because if President Obama gets his way the gravy train may soon be offering slimmer pickings. The White House ethics counsel has quietly introduced a new policy which forbids the … Continue reading

Chemicals from everyday products contaminate mothers’ bodies, and babies enter the world already exposed to toxins.

The worst nightmare a mother can confront could be the knowledge that she’s poisoning the baby in her belly and there is little she can do about it. Nine women from California, Oregon and Washington found out that was just … Continue reading

New study shows more trauma victims die because they have no health insurance. Is Capitol Hill paying attention?

As lawmakers in Washington try to control the swirling tornado know as health care reform, a study has been released showing that thousands die each year because they have no health insurance. What makes the fate of this group of … Continue reading

America’s largest public health group finally signs on to ban asbestos.

At last, the world’s oldest public health organization has joined the funeral dirge-paced parade to ban asbestos in the U.S. The 50,000-member American Public Health Association adopted a resolution at its annual meeting this week calling on Congress to pass … Continue reading

It looks like vinegar lovers, especially parents, now have something else to worry about

Balsamic vinegar has been coveted by Italians for centuries. Over the past 30 or so years the popularity in the U.S. of the dark, syrupy ambrosia has soared and has become loved by foodies, used sparingly by chefs and often … Continue reading

Government scientists find that cinnamon may be a life-saver because it prevents brain swelling.

In what appears to be important news for victims of traumatic brain injury and stroke, the tropical spice cinnamon has been found to prevent brain cells from swelling. The swelling is a condition in which fluid either accumulates within brain … Continue reading

EPA lawyers ordered to remove their private concerns on climate change efforts from YouTube

You have to wonder a bit about the Environmental Protection Agency’s often-stated promise of transparency and openness to its employee’s opinions. It appears that the rigidness that marked much of the Bush administration’s control of the EPA has returned, as … Continue reading

Feds question safety of nanosilver used in odor-eating clothing favored by astronauts, hikers and babies

They are bacteria-killers, more and more common in products we use every day and at least a million of them will fit on the head of a pin. But are silver nanoparticles safe? Little is known about the health effects … Continue reading