EPA finally demands that pesticide makers disclose the secret chemicals in their poisons.

    It has taken more than a decade of wrangling but the Environmental Protection Agency has finally said pesticide makers must disclose the hidden ingredients in their poisons. Yesterday, the agency said it was drafting a new rule which … Continue reading

Montana asbestos victims get help in midnight amendment slipped into the health care bill.

The frequently forgotten and often ignored asbestos victims in Libby, Mont., came out as possible big winners in the dead-of-night battle over health care reform. According to the Associated Press, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus quietly inserted language in a … Continue reading

Democrats who anguished over dangerous popcorn butter flavoring are doing little now that they have the power.

The chemical in butter flavoring for popcorn and other foods that has sickened hundreds of workers, killed a handful and destroyed the lungs of at least three microwave popcorn addicts may be back. In fact, it appears it never went … Continue reading

Innovative health care reform because a big insurer and a major medical center wanted to save lives and money.

I have the feeling that if we had transported all the politicians bickering over improving access to health care to a community college in Michigan today they would have gotten a lesson in how to do what has to be … Continue reading