Number of defendants in W.R. Grace case dropped to four plus the company. Perhaps one more defendant may soon be released.

By the time the jury gets to decide guilt or innocence in the W.R. Grace criminal trial next week, they will have far fewer charges to consider.

Citing court-imposed restrictions that created the inability to introduce enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecutor Kris Mclean this morning dropped all charges against defendant William McCaig.

Judge Donald Molloy quickly inserted that his “restrictions” came from the law, the Supreme Court, the Constitution and not something cooked up in his chambers.

During the years before the trial and during the almost nine weeks of testimony, the judge continued to greatly restrict the witnesses and evidence that the government could use.

Leaving the courtroom McCaig shook hands with McLean and others in the prosecution team, and his lawyers hugged several of the defense team remaining to continue the fight.

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