Can anyone still question global warming?

To the skeptics of climate change I offer links to two stories in this morning’s wrap up of what’s happening to the world from Environmental Health News.

What struck me as interesting and terrifying is that the stories are from different parts of the globe, and the danger is equally devastating.

In Nepal’s Himalayas, scientists report that a huge glacier is melting off at about 230 feet a year and is creating an enormous lake that could destroy dozens of villages if it should burst.

Here is a link to what Agence France-Press wrote from Lukla, Nepal.

Thousands of miles away, in Alaska, the 360 people of the village of Newtoc watch as the swelling Ninglick River, fed by ocean-fed waves, eats away about 70-feet of their homestead a year. Plans are in the works to relocate the entire village to higher, safer ground.

Anchorage Daily News Reporter Kyle Hopkins explains what is happening and how the villagers hope to survive. Here is a link to that story.


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  1. And, might I add, the ice cube in my scotch and soda has just melted away. So it’s conclusive.

  2. Global warming? No, can’t question it. Anthropogenic global warming, or what you folks call climate change, to cover when it gets cold and such? Sure can.

  3. Your article title is about questioning “Global Warming”, but the first sentence starts “To the skeptics of climate change …”.

    When I first became a “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Sceptic” at the turn of the millenium, one of my (our ?) main arguments was (and still is ! ) : “The climate always has changed, the climate always will change”.

    As a cynic, I found the name-calling change from “Global Warming Sceptic” to “Climate Change Denier” … amusing more than anything else.

    The Holocene has been a relatively “stable” climate period. How many times has your Himalayan glacier melted at a similar rate in the last, say, 10,000 years ? … You don’t know, ahhhh … How about the last 1,000 years ?

    I will continue to question (Catastrophic Anthropogenic) Global Warming until at least one of the PREDICTIONS of the hypothesis actually turns out to be correct (instead of being continuously modified as contradictory evidence is found).

  4. “Andrew Schneider’s Cold Truth exposes the secrets that corporations and governments don’t want you to know about.”

    lol! (Pssst! Hey Andy…the planet has been cooling for the last decade. I can’t prove it, but I think a conspriracy exists to tell people the opposite is happening! I suspect that high level American officials, ex vice presidents, presidential candidates and even the President are lying to us about the tempurature of the planet. Even the United Nations is in on the scam. Rumor has it that that big orange ball of fire in the sky actually warms the planet, although people who believe this are just nut cases and astrophysicists.)

    I did not know that pulitzer prizes came out of Cracker Jack boxes until now. It is amazing that it is taking a deep solar minimum to expose frauds like algore and the “investigative journalists” who have given his ponzi scheme a pass for decades.

    Great work keeping the planet safe for con men Andy!

    (Barbeque Babe Seal…yummmmmmm!)

  5. If I ask why the high was 69 degrees F. on August 30th in Columbus Ohio, and we have two consecutive cold summers, I am told it’s weather not climate.

    But if there is a thaw in the arctic it is climate change, not weather?

    Has not the Artcic gone through melting cycles before?

    Isn’t ice melt more sensitive to dust and soot pollution than CO2 levels. Isn’t dust and soot pollution a major problem in most of Asia right now?

    Why are we being lied to?

    I know the answer, do you?

  6. Do you all remember three or four years ago, IPCC so-called scientist ( They’re actually policymakers who contract with scientist for outtcome based results ) claimed that hurricanes and severe storms would continue to increase expotentially due to global warming.

    What actually happened?

    We’ve had four named Atlnatic Storms this year, all of which have been minor or inconsequential.

    They’re still showing the movie “An inconveinent truth” to school children, when the science is outdated and obviously inaccurate.

    Little mind numbed skulls full of mush don’t have the discernment to
    percieve the obvious anti-religion anti-capitalist agenda of the movie.

    They come home crying and scared for what their parents are doing to the Earth.

    When is the lie going to stop?

  7. Hey, pal, you just got linked to by Climate Depot, the Net’s premier anti-AGW website. Try reading it for a couple weeks in place of Daily Kos and company. It’ll be both an informative and liberating experience. Death to the cult of AGW!

  8. And meanwhile here in Canada, it’s been cooler than normal. In fact we had the coldest summer in a while in Ontario, which meant that there were no West Nile virus incidents recorded at all in 2009.

    If I get 2 more cold anecdotes, do I win?

  9. The 3000 cold weather records broken this very cold summer in the USA beat the crap out of your two anecdotes.

    If these are the best arguments that the AGW alarmists can come up with then the AGW skeptics are in a very good place.

  10. Answer these questions: Why has it been getting colder the past several years (I needed a winter coat once this year, in August, in the N. Hemisphere, mid latitudes)? Why do the GW alarmists keep telling lies, fabricate “facts,” and personally attack those who question them? Why don’t the GW alarmists just organize a telethon to collect their money? Answer to the last one: hardly anyone would willingly give money in a telethon; getting the government(s) to rob people is more effective and is more personally safe for them. But, remember this. If you rob an individual you can run off into the night. If you try to rob a crowd they might turn on you. Be careful GWarmists.

  11. how far behind the times are you? don’t you know we are “confusionists” now? i mean anyone who believes the sun is the main driver of our climate is obviously confused. co2 is MUCH hotter than the sun and is of course what melted the “snowball earth” that is said to have lasted for 25 million years. geesh!

  12. Yea , I’ll question AGW .

    Show me the physics .

    I keep seeing alarmists spout such gibberish as the idea that Venus’s temperature is the result of some “runaway greenhouse effect” , and if you don’t know why that’s physically nonsensical gibberish , then you prove yourself scientifically clueless .

    As Prof Cork Hayden has commented : which of 20 odd models is the correct one so we can discard the 19 odd wrong ones ?

    You don’t have a science until you can answer that . Ergo , you don’t have a science .

    See my website for some actual classical physics which tightly constrains the earth’s temperature .

  13. Let’s not forget volcanic activity (such as Mount Redoubt eruptions)and massive wildfires, which make reflective white snow into a nicely covered heat sink.
    The news about methane release from my neck of the woods (Alaska) is also part of the natural events, as we’re peaking from the last ice age. Does anyone in the scientific or media communities think that there won’t be a next “Ice Age”, if so, I’d like to hear from them…
    Enjoy the Climate Peak while it’s here, because it won’t last.

  14. One Himalayan glacier might be retreating but here are 230-odd advancing, in the same mountain range. Some glaciers are retreating in Alaska.

    The Hubbard Glacier is advancing.

    In point of fact glaciers all over the world are either advancing or retreating continuously. Glaciers in Pacific Northwest from Mt. Shasta in California northward have been advancing. Others have been retreating. You can search and find examples of neighboring glaciers where one advances as the other retreats. Glaciers are strongly affected by local weather dynamics, much more so than global climate. Because of this, tying glacial behaviour to global climate can be very difficult.

  15. This will likely rank in the 10 warmest summers since satellite have been used…
    1. 1998
    2. 3 way tie
    3. 3 way tie
    4. 2 way tie
    5. 4 way tie
    6. 3 way tie
    7 2 way tie
    8. 3 way tie
    9 2 way tie
    10. 2009
    So the believers will say top 10, deniers will say 24th, both right but the press will say top 10.

  16. To the skeptics of climate change I offer links to two stories in this morning’s wrap up of what’s happening to the world from Environmental Health News.

    Indian scientists say that blaming Himalayan glacier retreat on global warming, is “hype”.

    As for Newtok; its built on the outside bank of a fast flowing river. This means that erosion will always be a problem. Of course, Newtok was founded in 1949, as an escape from the flooding in a previous location.

    Around 1949 the village was relocated from Old Kealavik ten miles away to its present location to escape flooding and to build a school.

    So, two stories, that apparently are NOT linked to AGW.

    Got anymore?

  17. I’ll continue to question the validity of human-induced global warming so long as Al Gore and IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri refuse to debate skeptics. If those two would simply show us specifically where there is tell-tale evidence of big industry-inspired errors in the skeptics’ peer reviewed science journal published reports, they’d win the debate. But when all we see are smears of the skeptics and attempts to make sure nobody hears what they have to say, Gore and Pachauri end up looking like they have something to hide.

    Doesn’t everyone on that side of the issue want Gore and Pachauri to show more confidence in their position and disprove the skeptics’ criticisms?

  18. Can I offer moral support to the author of the original post?
    It’s like you found yourself driving up the wrong way of a one way street or something.

    But anyway it was about the nicest August we ever had in Vancouver BC so I think that proves global warming right there. plus I got a tan this year! in Vancouver(!) so that basically proves that we’re all about to be drowned out by the angry and acidic ocean of death. It’s totally conclusive.

  19. Global Warming is real enough, if not vastly over stated. After all the warming trend is 12,000 years old. What isn extremely questionable is AGW. And that is not only unproven, but likely was disproven in the last 3 years.

  20. We should be more concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change because Typhoons are getting much stronger and there are greater incidence of Flooding. take for example the recent Typhoon Ketsana which devastated some countries in South East Asia.

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