CDC warns that there’s another bug out to get you.

Those seeking information on H1N1 flu online should be careful because the Centers for Disease Control says the Swine Flu isn’t the only virus around.

Illustration fom

Illustration fom

The national disease detectives have issued a warning saying that there are bogus emails being distributed under the logo of CDC which urge people to sign up for a non-existent program.

The messages says that that users must create a personal swine flu Vaccination Profile on the website. Further, the fake message goes on to say that registration is mandatory for all 18-years of age and older.

This phishing addresses a CDC sponsored state vaccination program.

The CDC says it has not implemented such a program and that users that click on the email are at risk of having malicious code installed on their computers.

As with all phishing, CDC recommends that users don’t follow unsolicited links nor open or respond to unsolicited email messages. And, always use caution when entering personal information online.

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