Food poisoning from cookie dough may have propelled a brave woman on a lingering road to death.

We, or someone we love, have probably had food poisoning caused by the secret ingredients of salmonella, E. coli. Listeria, Campylobacter, botulism and others of which we have probably never heard.

The Centers for Disease Control says that more than 250 different food borne diseases have been identified, all triggered by a medley of bacteria, viruses, microbes or poisons.mushroom

It’s not pleasant to endure or even to discuss. Most of us have encountered varying humiliating and disabling episodes of fever, explosive diarrhea, abdominal cramps and intense, nonstop vomiting. If it continued long enough our kidneys, livers and even the brain might have been damaged.

Some of us think we’re going to die. But most of us survive.

The government’s best guess is that about 75 million get poisoned each year; more than 325,000 wind up in the hospital; and about 5,400 die — all of this from food and the bacteria that frolic there.

Unless one of those who died is a friend or relative we don‘t think much about it. But we should. Some of this food borne illness is preventable. Some may not be. But unless we raise hell about it neither the government nor the food producers will spend the money to do what prevention can be done.

Today, for some, it became almost impossible not to think about food poisoning and its victims.

The family of Linda Rivera made the gutsy decision to allow Lyndsey Layton, a talented Washington Post reporter, to tell the story of what happened to their family since their mother and wife innocently ate some uncooked cookie dough months ago.

Today, Mrs. Rivera lies near death in room 519 in Las Vegas’ Kindred Hospital.

Here is a link to Layton’s important and skillfully done story — a story on what one woman has endured.

Also, if you want to learn more, here is a link to a CDC website that has solid information of food poisoning and its causes.

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