Laptop can kill you, Canadian coroner warns.

Laptop computers often get hot, and we know it’s a widespread problem because computer stores and websites offer a wide selection of fans and cooling devices.

Hot typing. Photo from

Hot typing. Photo from

In British Columbia there have been several fires linked to overheated laptops, but now the BC Coroners Service has blamed a death on the problem.

The coroner completed a six-month-long investigation into the cause of death of a 56-year-old Vancouver man killed in a fire in his home. In a report issued this week, the Canadian forensic specialists determined that a fire broke out about 50-minutes after the man left his laptop on a couch “turned on and plugged in.”

The coroner’s office said that several makes of laptops have been recalled in recent years due to problems with lithium-ion batteries overheating and bursting into flames.

Here is a link to the coroner’s warning and safety suggestions.


Laptop can kill you, Canadian coroner warns. — 2 Comments

  1. The fire killed this man, not the laptop. Leaving a laptop on a soft surface can block cooling vents and result in overheating just like the coroner’s recommendation says. It may not have been a faulty computer or battery at all. The headline should have been more like, “Blaze Started By Overheated Laptop Kills BC Man”.

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