Kennedy, the view of a gifted observer

I felt that I should write about the passing of Sen. Edward Moore Kennedy or Teddy, as much of the world called him, even to his face.

It seems that everyone who was ever a reporter or writer of any stature has already pontificated about the lion of the senate who will roar no more.

I actually covered the man – his presidential run and more senate hearings than I can count.   He always seemed to care about stuff that I felt was important to the nation – rich and poor.

I even got a couple of hundreds words hammered out this morning and I thought they were okay.  But then I read what Kimberly Hartnett posted about the man  on her blog and I concluded why bother?

She said everything that needed to be said far better than everything else I’ve read or can even start to write myself.

Here’s a link to what one of the best writers I know wrote about Kennedy today.

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