Honey bosses meet in Chicago for secret meeting on how to handle smuggling

The nation’s top honey packers and sellers gathered in a secret meeting today in a Chicago suburb supposedly to figure out what do about the huge amount of smuggled, laundered and potentially contaminated honey gushing on to the U.S. Market. … Continue reading

Needle-haters rejoice and developing nations may get a better shot at scarce vaccines.

A vaccine delivered by a nanopatch works as well as one delivered with a needle and syringe, but is pain free and uses 100 times less medication, according to researchers from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. “Because the … Continue reading

Much ado about something nano-sized

The White House patted itself on the back and said that the federal government’s nanotechnology operation was doing a “commendable” job. These words did not come from President Obama, but rather were the conclusion of the President’s Council of Advisors … Continue reading