EPA finds the courage to stop corporations from hiding safety data. It could help determine what’s in a nano-dispersant they want to use in the Gulf

EPA must be gulping down its energy drinks in large quantities, because after years of allowing corporations to withhold vital safety information, it screamed “stop” yesterday. In the Federal Register, the agency said that it will no longer permit the … Continue reading

Heists of meds and costly baby formula soar and feds worry about dangers to consumers.

Some well-organized gangs are showing the sort of criminal skill and chutzpa usually found only on the big screen as they thwart elaborate alarm systems, drop through warehouse roofs and empty shelves.  They aren’t stealing electronics or jewels. These nervy … Continue reading

Rare test to identify actual origins of honey is now done in U.S. and can aid in caching Chinese smugglers

Until recently, anyone needing to confirm that the liquid golden syrup they had bought from overseas brokers was actually honey and not an altered and mislabeled blend from China had to queue up at a couple of very busy analytical … Continue reading