Maybe comedy is the best way to tell the world of Quebec’s indifference to the dangers of asbestos

Almost every week, Cold Truth gets an emails or phone call from people who are outraged that I am not reporting on the public health atrocities being inflicted upon developing countries by our Canadian neighbors.

Jeffrey Mine in Asbestos, Que.  © photo by Andrew Schneider

Yes. Of course I’m talking about the killer chrysotile fibers being shipped to India from Quebec’s last asbestos mine.

To some of these callers it doesn’t matter that I’ve written about this more than three dozen times over the past 12 years, including in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Baltimore Sun, this in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, this on AOL News and this, one of several on Cold Truth.

Okay. I promise to stop sniveling. But I do want to share one more story on Quebec government’s blind support of shipping this poison to developing nations that have no provable methods of protecting their workers and citizens from this stuff.

This story has infuriated most who have seen it, and everyone should.

It’s Jon Stewart’s Daily Show at its best. The five-minute-long piece is a series of interviews with the officials involved with expanding the last mine in Asbestos, Que.

You’ve got to wonder why any Canadian who watched it would ever do anything to keep Quebec from seceding from their great country.

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