Chemicals from everyday products contaminate mothers’ bodies, and babies enter the world already exposed to toxins.

The worst nightmare a mother can confront could be the knowledge that she’s poisoning the baby in her belly and there is little she can do about it. Nine women from California, Oregon and Washington found out that was just … Continue reading

EPA’s studies on the safety of shredded tires on childrens’ playgrounds were actually never conducted.

Years ago, long before it became a marketing ploy to call everything “green,” the Environmental Protection Agency described, what it called, a green dream. It was where millions and millions of pounds of useless tires were recycled into tire crumbs … Continue reading

Cops and docs team up to learn how preschool teachers got stoned from marijuana brownies.

The federal government and the LAPD “launched a collaborative investigation” probing what just about every college kid knows: if buying brownies from a street vendor, there is a good chance that they may contain more than flour, sugar and chocolate … Continue reading