FDA fails to protect consumers from cancer-causing talc.

Photo: Ovarian Cancer Law Center

  Written for Hearst Newspapers As medical studies and lawsuits point to increasing sickness and death from asbestos-contaminated talc, the Food and Drug Administration says it lacks both resources and laws with teeth to protect consumers. In addition to personal … Continue reading

New FDA guide to poisoned foods can keep you safe.

Botulism in this imported fish? Perhaps

How do consumers keep up with the seemingly endless list of poisonous foods and dangerous products that show up on store shelves? Two or three times most weeks, the Food and Drug Administration warns that something in the vegetable bins, … Continue reading

Heists of meds and costly baby formula soar and feds worry about dangers to consumers.


Some well-organized gangs are showing the sort of criminal skill and chutzpa usually found only on the big screen as they thwart elaborate alarm systems, drop through warehouse roofs and empty shelves.  They aren’t stealing electronics or jewels. These nervy … Continue reading