Government scientists find that cinnamon may be a life-saver because it prevents brain swelling.

In what appears to be important news for victims of traumatic brain injury and stroke, the tropical spice cinnamon has been found to prevent brain cells from swelling. The swelling is a condition in which fluid either accumulates within brain … Continue reading

How do you know whether disease-of-the-month groups are legit or are money-making scams backed by drug companies?

Do you think twice about who’s really behind the disease-focused groups that sponsor marathons, coin-collection cans on store counters and telephoned pleas for money? William, Heisel. a former top gun LA Times investigative reporter of significant ability, wrote a blog … Continue reading

The Internet will protect us from dangerous food? It’s a start, the White House says.

Two of President Obama’s cabinet officers today launched a government website as a step in improving the nation’s food safety system or, at least, giving the public a way to see whether the White House is making any progress with … Continue reading

Japanese scientists have figured out that chicken soup may be the secret to controlling high blood pressure.

Of course we all know that chicken soup – “Grandma’s Penicillin” – is good for curing much of what ails you. Some of us have passed the secret of this liquid medical wonder on for generations without really knowing from … Continue reading