Much ado about something nano-sized

The White House patted itself on the back and said that the federal government’s nanotechnology operation was doing a “commendable” job. These words did not come from President Obama, but rather were the conclusion of the President’s Council of Advisors … Continue reading

Feds question safety of nanosilver used in odor-eating clothing favored by astronauts, hikers and babies

They are bacteria-killers, more and more common in products we use every day and at least a million of them will fit on the head of a pin. But are silver nanoparticles safe? Little is known about the health effects … Continue reading

Can EPA and the White House buck industry pressure to prevent regulation of nanotechnology?

Many public health activists cheered this week’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency that it plans to actually move ahead with research to better understand how manufactured nanomaterials may harm human health and the environment.

Nanotech may improve the world but how safe will the human race be?

Touted as our next Industrial Revolution, the use of nano particles continues to sweep across the global business world like the high tech tsunami it is. Inventions and new applications fly off laboratory benches and out of clean rooms faster … Continue reading