USDA may find courage to outlaw bacteria in your burgers that sickens 30,000 a year.

Do you ever wonder why the beef industry and government warn consumers to “cook the life out of your burgers?” To understand what’s behind these words of caution we need to discuss some facts, acronyms, how the food poisoning, especially … Continue reading

Hunting season is here and so are renewed concerns about lead from bullets poisoning the meat from wild game.

Hunters and those who eat the meat from deer, elk and other large animals they shoot may find themselves at risk for memory problems and other brain and nerve functions. The reason is that lead from the bullets or shotgun … Continue reading

Autopsies searching for “Mad Cow” disease urged in the UK. U.S. regulators are doing little.

Medical examiners and coroners in the UK are being pushed to check for the infection which causes BSE or mad cow disease when they do autopsies. “There could be a significant, undetected problem that could be a much larger than … Continue reading

California meat packer may never reopen.

The meat packing company that once earned the government’s title of the school lunch program’s Supplier of the Year will probably close its doors for good. Charges of excessive cruelty to the cattle it processed triggered the biggest meat recall in U.S. history and had school districts in Seattle, Spokane and throughout the rest of the country destroying millions of pounds of beef this month. a video made by an investigator from the Humane Society of the U.S. came to light.

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