Nanoparticles in sunscreens have more to do with looks than safety, but are they safe?

Cutting edge nanoscience has put an end to the icky white coating of old sunscreens that that prevented the sun from harming your skin. But scientists for consumer and environmental groups say that while nanosized sun-blocking ingredients like titanium dioxide … Continue reading

Nano packaging of food kills deadly bacteria, but government says no go.

One might think that a food-shipping container coated with nanoparticles that have been proven to destroy bacteria causing illness and death would be a coveted innovation. Apparently not so. William Norwood, president of nanoAgri Systems, said the Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

Use of untested nanotechnology soars.

In fact, a Japanese study released last week claims to have shown a link between nanoparticles and mesothelioma, a fatal lung disease almost always caused by asbestos exposure. The fact that the study is actually examining the health implications has been widely praised as needed, but the methodology used by the study’s authors has been denounced by others in the field.

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