The nation’s top occupational health research agency has a new boss. Well, actually it’s a return of an old one.

Dr. John Howard, was named today as the new director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and will reoccupy his old office next week. Howard served at the top gun in CDC’s crucial worker health research agency … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: New butter flavoring for popcorn and other food products may be no safer than the lung-injuring diacetyl it replaces.

Scientists worry that the “new,” “completely safe” butter flavoring used on popcorn and in other foods may be as dangerous as the lung-destroying chemical, called diacetyl, that it replaced. Diacetyl-linked jury verdicts of tens of millions of dollars for injured … Continue reading

Popcorn lung, a sometimes lethal disease caused by inhaling chemical butter flavoring, has been found among candy makers.

A recently identified outbreak of severe cases of popcorn lung among former candy factory workers may prove what government and civilian occupational health experts have long feared – the sometimes-fatal disease can afflict those exposed to diacetyl butter flavoring regardless … Continue reading

The truth about food is illusive.

I’d like to think that all food producers and distributors aren’t intentionally trying to mislead consumers. You know lie, fib, fabricate, falsify, misrepresent or otherwise deceive us on the wholesomeness and quality of their products. I’d like to think that corporate honesty is not universal.

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