An almost invisible path of food poisoning.

It’s happening again. A single salmonella-contaminated food item is forcing recalls of scores of other products throughout the country. We went though this last year with contaminated peanuts from the Georgia and Texas plants of Peanut Corporation of America. PCA … Continue reading

Too many Chinese food producers add poisons to food to increase profits. Will new food safety law end the adulteration?

Many food exports from China may be dangerous, but some of the tricks used to fool Chinese shoppers are even more treacherous. Everyone knows about the about the tens of thousands of Chinese infants struck down but kidney-destroying melamine in … Continue reading

A look at a real victim of the peanut butter poisoning

Members of Congress who repeatedly huff and puff over the treacherous deficiencies in the government’s protection of the nation’s food supply came face-to-face today with a 3-year-old boy who nearly died because his favorite snack was filled with salmonella-tainted peanut … Continue reading