U.S. Honey packers insist they never use Chinese honey, yet federal cops continue to bust Asian smugglers.

After a four-month investigation, federal authorities have indicted yet another group of importers for allegedly smuggling Chinese honey into the U.S. Since September, agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection … Continue reading

Rare test to identify actual origins of honey is now done in U.S. and can aid in caching Chinese smugglers

Until recently, anyone needing to confirm that the liquid golden syrup they had bought from overseas brokers was actually honey and not an altered and mislabeled blend from China had to queue up at a couple of very busy analytical … Continue reading

Honey bosses meet in Chicago for secret meeting on how to handle smuggling

The nation’s top honey packers and sellers gathered in a secret meeting today in a Chicago suburb supposedly to figure out what do about the huge amount of smuggled, laundered and potentially contaminated honey gushing on to the U.S. Market. … Continue reading

Law enforcement and food inspectors say they’re closely watching the success of new tests that may keep bogus honey off store shelves.

Illegal honey laundering may become a lot more difficult because French scientists from the Université de Lyon have developed and tested a simple method that can distinguish pure, natural honeys from adulterated or impure versions that they say are increasingly … Continue reading

Honey laundering thrives despite fed crackdown on two operations smuggling tainted Chinese honey into the U.S. What’s on grocery shelves?

Federal investigators from various agencies in Seattle and Chicago chased illegally labeled Chinese honey from the slums of the Philippines through dilapidated Thai warehouses and into ports up and down the west coast of the U.S. The paper trail showed … Continue reading

Widespread concealment of tainted imported honey

<![CDATA[Yes, I wrote yet another story on honey laundering. Given the multiple crises we face, the fact that money-grubbing business people here and in China are shipping and importing honey that’s erroneously labeled and may contain illegal antibiotics probably isn’t … Continue reading