Kill step and an adequate lethality. We can’t be talking about food.

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An E. coli burger topped with Salmonella

Seattle food safety lawyer William Marler tells us that tomatoes have been recalled nearly every year for the last 10 and since the spring of 2007, more than 30 million pounds of chopped beef has been recalled after it was linked to ill children in nearly every state.

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Four more salmonella victims here.

With any luck, we may be close to the end of the seemingly endless reports on where the toxic tomatoes have done their latest damage. Late today, the CDC reported that the number of confirmed cases of salmonella saintpaul rose to 707, spread over 34 states. And, among the latest additions to the sick list were four new cases identified in Washington State.

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CDC: 8,000 may be sickened by salmonella

The CDC reported last night that outbreaks of the saintpaul strain of salmonella has been documented in 28 states, with 277 people sick and 43 of those hospitalized. And here is a fascinating number released by the federal disease detectives: More than 8,000 people may have actually been sickened in this outbreak, but no one will ever know for sure. “Most cases of salmonellosis are not reported because some people who are ill do not seek medical attention and not all patients who seek medical care submit specimens for culturing,” said a CDC spokesperson.

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