As Zika dangers become more obvious, Congress balks at releasing needed research money

If they think hard about it, most people can figure out why the Republican-led Congress throws legislative roadblocks in front of almost all demands, requests and pleas coming from the White House. But ignoring an appeal for money to thwart … Continue reading

Limb-saving diabetic drug still can’t penetrate the Cuban blockade

(Reprinted from Jan. 15, 2015 Fair Warning) HAVANA – President Obama’s efforts to renew relations with Cuba may soon allow Americans to visit this island’s pristine beaches and start lugging home shopping bags filled with long-coveted cigars and rum. But … Continue reading

Innovative health care reform because a big insurer and a major medical center wanted to save lives and money.

I have the feeling that if we had transported all the politicians bickering over improving access to health care to a community college in Michigan today they would have gotten a lesson in how to do what has to be … Continue reading

New study shows more trauma victims die because they have no health insurance. Is Capitol Hill paying attention?

As lawmakers in Washington try to control the swirling tornado know as health care reform, a study has been released showing that thousands die each year because they have no health insurance. What makes the fate of this group of … Continue reading