New technique uses color and 3-D to identify asbestos-caused disease faster and more accurately.

Over the years I have been seated in scores of hearing rooms and courtrooms – from worker’s comp cases to the ongoing W.R. Grace criminal trial – watching physicians trying desperately to explain to jurors that this or that gray … Continue reading

Finally, an asbestos ban? Maybe

Asbestos ban. Could be. For almost two decades, skirmishes, bare knuckle brawls and knock-down battles have been fought to prevent Americans from being exposed to the lethal effects of asbestos. But the latest congressional assault launched yesterday may finally breech the lobbyist-protected walls surrounding the asbestos industry.

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It's summer and White House gets its way

The absence of our elected lawmakers creates a vacuum that is often filled with White House mischief, for example, the president, any president, can and has appointed people to senior government positions or judgeships who never would have survived the confirmation process. asbestos, diacetyl, health rules

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OSHA keeps a blind eye toward workplace injuries

An OSHA recordkeeping expert alleges the agency has been “turning its back” on verifying the accuracy of injury and illness records submitted by employers, and claims this has led to significant underreporting during the past 15 years. According the Occupational … Continue reading