Wrong diagnosis of little known marijuana reaction causes agony, unneeded tests and surgery

(For Lee Newspapers) A little-known, painful reaction to heavy use of potent marijuana is popping up in emergency departments, hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Because the disorder is often misdiagnosed, frequent users of large amounts of cannabis with high … Continue reading

As Zika dangers become more obvious, Congress balks at releasing needed research money

If they think hard about it, most people can figure out why the Republican-led Congress throws legislative roadblocks in front of almost all demands, requests and pleas coming from the White House. But ignoring an appeal for money to thwart … Continue reading

Your pets can make life better but sleeping with them can sometimes expose you to horrible diseases

    This is the kind of story that people love to hate and several hundred who read a longer version of this on AOL News today haven’t been shy about questioning my sanity, professionalism and lineage.  In the spirit … Continue reading

Now it’s red pepper you need to watch out for.

Remember last year’s epic recall of salmonella-tainted peanuts? The number of food manufacturers added to the recall list grew to more than a thousand over the following weeks because, it turned out, they were all buying goobers from Peanut Corporation … Continue reading

CDC says Swine flu deaths in U.S. pass 500; protective masks urged for health care workers.

In Atlanta, CDC Director Thomas Frieden emphasized the need to respond to the bleak prognosis for the spread of the H1N1 pandemic. At the same time, in Washington, medical experts were recommending that all health care workers in contact with … Continue reading

Food poisoning from cookie dough may have propelled a brave woman on a lingering road to death.

We, or someone we love, have probably had food poisoning caused by the secret ingredients of salmonella, E. coli. Listeria, Campylobacter, botulism and others of which we have probably never heard. The Centers for Disease Control says that more than … Continue reading