Lifesaving drugs may be killing health workers

This is an important story that hasn’t been written before. Carol Smith, a skilled reporter and gifted writer, has documented something that had been rumored for years to be killing medical professionals, proven in peer-reviewed studies, but ignored by government … Continue reading

Federal action is needed to heal poisonous wounds inflicted by mining corporations hunting for money.

For decades, hard rock mining, the search for gold, silver and other precious metals, brought people, industry and wealth to Montana. But corporations funding the mining, mostly foreign-owned, abandoned the played-out mines, leaving once beautiful mountains as gutted waste sites … Continue reading

Health risks from silver nanoparticles a growing threat to consumers and workers.

Silver nanoparticles, untested for safety, are being used in a growing number of children’s toys, babies’ bottles, cosmetics, dishwashers, underwear and hundreds of other items. A report issued today says that consumers and workers who make the products may be … Continue reading