Canadian asbestos will go to developing countries despite worldwide objections.

The government of Quebec has decided to ignore the pleas of human rights advocates, hundreds of public health experts worldwide and one of the province’s largest unions and says it will fund the expansion of Canada’s last asbestos mine. The … Continue reading

Union members put human rights and lives above asbestos jobs

Children protesting in the streets of Indian villages and outrage voiced by physicians and human rights activists have not stopped Canada from shipping deadly asbestos to developing countries. But one of Quebec’s most powerful unions says it will no longer … Continue reading

Exporting Death: Rejuvenating Canada’s Last Asbestos Mine

ASBESTOS, Quebec – There appears to be a scientific miracle happening about 75 miles north of the U.S.- Canadian border and it’s angering hundreds of physicians and public health workers around the globe. Politicians, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats in Quebec insist … Continue reading

Montana asbestos victims get help in midnight amendment slipped into the health care bill.

The frequently forgotten and often ignored asbestos victims in Libby, Mont., came out as possible big winners in the dead-of-night battle over health care reform. According to the Associated Press, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus quietly inserted language in a … Continue reading

America’s largest public health group finally signs on to ban asbestos.

At last, the world’s oldest public health organization has joined the funeral dirge-paced parade to ban asbestos in the U.S. The 50,000-member American Public Health Association adopted a resolution at its annual meeting this week calling on Congress to pass … Continue reading

Asbestos warning finally issued by Surgeon General, or was it?

After years of cajoling from the U.S. Senate and pleading from health activists, the Office of the Surgeon General finally warned the public of the dangers of asbestos. Back in April, then-acting Surgeon General Steven Galson issued a statement about … Continue reading

Doctors have finally learned what causes the constant pain of asbestos-related diseases and cancers.

Dr. Michael Harbut has diagnosed and treated thousands of workers suffering from disease caused by exposure to asbestos in Detroit’s automobile plants and to the taconite miners on the Iron Range of northern Michigan and Minnesota. A couple of months … Continue reading