Your pets can make life better but sleeping with them can sometimes expose you to horrible diseases

    This is the kind of story that people love to hate and several hundred who read a longer version of this on AOL News today haven’t been shy about questioning my sanity, professionalism and lineage.  In the spirit … Continue reading

Needle-haters rejoice and developing nations may get a better shot at scarce vaccines.

A vaccine delivered by a nanopatch works as well as one delivered with a needle and syringe, but is pain free and uses 100 times less medication, according to researchers from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. “Because the … Continue reading

Much ado about something nano-sized

The White House patted itself on the back and said that the federal government’s nanotechnology operation was doing a “commendable” job. These words did not come from President Obama, but rather were the conclusion of the President’s Council of Advisors … Continue reading