New reasons not to buy meat and poultry at the local grocery.

This is a rough month for carnivores and others who like eating safe meat. Two studies tested beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased from groceries in six cities from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale. What they found was enough to make … Continue reading

Exporting Death: Rejuvenating Canada’s Last Asbestos Mine

ASBESTOS, Quebec – There appears to be a scientific miracle happening about 75 miles north of the U.S.- Canadian border and it’s angering hundreds of physicians and public health workers around the globe. Politicians, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats in Quebec insist … Continue reading

Lawyer spends $500,000 to prove that USDA allows sale of millions of pounds of dangerous meat.

It’s easy to suspect ulterior motives when a lawyer says the sky is falling or this or that can kill you.  But in the case of William Marler, who many believe is one of the nation’s leading food safety lawyers, … Continue reading

An almost invisible path of food poisoning.

It’s happening again. A single salmonella-contaminated food item is forcing recalls of scores of other products throughout the country. We went though this last year with contaminated peanuts from the Georgia and Texas plants of Peanut Corporation of America. PCA … Continue reading

Now it’s red pepper you need to watch out for.

Remember last year’s epic recall of salmonella-tainted peanuts? The number of food manufacturers added to the recall list grew to more than a thousand over the following weeks because, it turned out, they were all buying goobers from Peanut Corporation … Continue reading