Thousands of additives get into food without the FDA ensuring their safety.

A newly released report has criticized America’s food safety watchdog for systemically failing to ensure the safety of what food manufacturers put in what we eat. After months of research, the Government Accountability Office told Congress it was concerned about … Continue reading

An almost invisible path of food poisoning.

It’s happening again. A single salmonella-contaminated food item is forcing recalls of scores of other products throughout the country. We went though this last year with contaminated peanuts from the Georgia and Texas plants of Peanut Corporation of America. PCA … Continue reading

The nation’s top occupational health research agency has a new boss. Well, actually it’s a return of an old one.

Dr. John Howard, was named today as the new director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and will reoccupy his old office next week. Howard served at the top gun in CDC’s crucial worker health research agency … Continue reading

Genetically modified crops first fought pests and weeds, but scientists say advances can protect and improve human health.

The first generation of GM seeds was concocted to keep crops free of weeds and bugs. Now, Japanese scientists have come up with a new generation of genetically modified food that they say will benefit the health of those who … Continue reading

Too many Chinese food producers add poisons to food to increase profits. Will new food safety law end the adulteration?

Many food exports from China may be dangerous, but some of the tricks used to fool Chinese shoppers are even more treacherous. Everyone knows about the about the tens of thousands of Chinese infants struck down but kidney-destroying melamine in … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: New butter flavoring for popcorn and other food products may be no safer than the lung-injuring diacetyl it replaces.

Scientists worry that the “new,” “completely safe” butter flavoring used on popcorn and in other foods may be as dangerous as the lung-destroying chemical, called diacetyl, that it replaced. Diacetyl-linked jury verdicts of tens of millions of dollars for injured … Continue reading

Law enforcement and food inspectors say they’re closely watching the success of new tests that may keep bogus honey off store shelves.

Illegal honey laundering may become a lot more difficult because French scientists from the Université de Lyon have developed and tested a simple method that can distinguish pure, natural honeys from adulterated or impure versions that they say are increasingly … Continue reading

Honey laundering thrives despite fed crackdown on two operations smuggling tainted Chinese honey into the U.S. What’s on grocery shelves?

Federal investigators from various agencies in Seattle and Chicago chased illegally labeled Chinese honey from the slums of the Philippines through dilapidated Thai warehouses and into ports up and down the west coast of the U.S. The paper trail showed … Continue reading