New FDA guide to poisoned foods can keep you safe.

How do consumers keep up with the seemingly endless list of poisonous foods and dangerous products that show up on store shelves? Two or three times most weeks, the Food and Drug Administration warns that something in the vegetable bins, … Continue reading

The Lessons of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire May Be Lost 100 Years Later

Screams of “Don’t jump!” echoed through the canyons of tall buildings. More than 50 bodies littered the streets surrounding 23 Washington Place, so many that New York City’s fire trucks were unable to get close enough to raise their ladders. … Continue reading

A ringside look and score card for the BPA battle

Natural Resources Defense Council’s senior scientist Jeniffer Saas has cranked out another of her easily understood explanations of complex scientific brouhahas. She lays out the efforts of both sides in the seemingly unending battle to eliminate bisphenol A from consumer … Continue reading

EPA finds the courage to stop corporations from hiding safety data. It could help determine what’s in a nano-dispersant they want to use in the Gulf

EPA must be gulping down its energy drinks in large quantities, because after years of allowing corporations to withhold vital safety information, it screamed “stop” yesterday. In the Federal Register, the agency said that it will no longer permit the … Continue reading

EPA finally demands that pesticide makers disclose the secret chemicals in their poisons.

    It has taken more than a decade of wrangling but the Environmental Protection Agency has finally said pesticide makers must disclose the hidden ingredients in their poisons. Yesterday, the agency said it was drafting a new rule which … Continue reading

Chemicals from everyday products contaminate mothers’ bodies, and babies enter the world already exposed to toxins.

The worst nightmare a mother can confront could be the knowledge that she’s poisoning the baby in her belly and there is little she can do about it. Nine women from California, Oregon and Washington found out that was just … Continue reading

EPA lawyers ordered to remove their private concerns on climate change efforts from YouTube

You have to wonder a bit about the Environmental Protection Agency’s often-stated promise of transparency and openness to its employee’s opinions. It appears that the rigidness that marked much of the Bush administration’s control of the EPA has returned, as … Continue reading

Feds question safety of nanosilver used in odor-eating clothing favored by astronauts, hikers and babies

They are bacteria-killers, more and more common in products we use every day and at least a million of them will fit on the head of a pin. But are silver nanoparticles safe? Little is known about the health effects … Continue reading