Don’t feel left out: Feds say “Flu shots for all.”

Now everybody has an equal chance of getting a flu shot every year. The “shot czars” on the Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have called for equal access for everyone seeking the protective inoculation. The panel … Continue reading

Swine flu vaccine is almost ready, but preparations for treating masses of pandemic victims is going far too slowly.

The tortuously protracted, unalterable progress of the growth of the first batches of H1N1 vaccine is almost over. Everyone concerned about the looming pandemic is closely watching the vaccine as it finally leaves it laboratory birthplace and is shipped to … Continue reading

Swine flu body count increases as U.S. gives vaccine overseas to thwart an even more virulent strain from emerging.

That’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to what the world needs to control the evolving influenza pandemic, said the head of the World Health Organization as she praised the U.S. and nine other countries for donating … Continue reading

People are scrambling to get masks that will protect against Swine Flu, but the supply of N95s won’t start to meet demand.

A steady stream of people responded to my story on Thursday about a government panel of medical experts reporting that the standard paper surgical mask will do little or nothing to protect healthcare workers and everyone else from breathing in … Continue reading