Thousands of additives get into food without the FDA ensuring their safety.

A newly released report has criticized America’s food safety watchdog for systemically failing to ensure the safety of what food manufacturers put in what we eat. After months of research, the Government Accountability Office told Congress it was concerned about … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: New butter flavoring for popcorn and other food products may be no safer than the lung-injuring diacetyl it replaces.

Scientists worry that the “new,” “completely safe” butter flavoring used on popcorn and in other foods may be as dangerous as the lung-destroying chemical, called diacetyl, that it replaced. Diacetyl-linked jury verdicts of tens of millions of dollars for injured … Continue reading

Flavoring maker fights on to keep safety inspectors out

At times like these I think I should change the name of my blog to “Tales of the Absurd.” This example centers on a year-long court battle between an Indianapolis flavor manufacturer and the government’s top occupational safety investigators. The … Continue reading