Don’t feel left out: Feds say “Flu shots for all.”

Now everybody has an equal chance of getting a flu shot every year. The “shot czars” on the Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have called for equal access for everyone seeking the protective inoculation. The panel … Continue reading

Government scientists find that cinnamon may be a life-saver because it prevents brain swelling.

In what appears to be important news for victims of traumatic brain injury and stroke, the tropical spice cinnamon has been found to prevent brain cells from swelling. The swelling is a condition in which fluid either accumulates within brain … Continue reading

Melamine dishes, bowls, cups and saucers can be harmful when used to serve certain food, according to health officials.

Sometimes there are things that we should just stop using. Take melamine for an example. The plastic-like substance has been used for tens of thousands of products such as Formica countertops, whiteboards, tiles and fabric. And let’s not forget the … Continue reading