Does anyone in Washington realize that people will die if these budget cuts are instituted?

The round-the-clock nattering on cable channels and blog sites about the often politically motivated desire to slice the federal budget drowns out this reality: Lives will be lost if these cut are made. You have to wonder whether the Republican-controlled … Continue reading

EPA finally demands that pesticide makers disclose the secret chemicals in their poisons.

    It has taken more than a decade of wrangling but the Environmental Protection Agency has finally said pesticide makers must disclose the hidden ingredients in their poisons. Yesterday, the agency said it was drafting a new rule which … Continue reading

Water, water, everywhere. Clean or poisoned?

Home much liquid did you consume today?  Was it clean?  Will you become ill, spawn a deformed child, get cancer, die a lingering death? In an attempt to head off some of the pithy comments accusing me of being a … Continue reading

Nano packaging of food kills deadly bacteria, but government says no go.

One might think that a food-shipping container coated with nanoparticles that have been proven to destroy bacteria causing illness and death would be a coveted innovation. Apparently not so. William Norwood, president of nanoAgri Systems, said the Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

Health risks from silver nanoparticles a growing threat to consumers and workers.

Silver nanoparticles, untested for safety, are being used in a growing number of children’s toys, babies’ bottles, cosmetics, dishwashers, underwear and hundreds of other items. A report issued today says that consumers and workers who make the products may be … Continue reading

Pesticide is too dangerous for use in the U.S., but apparently it’s just fine to use in other countries.

Carbofuran, an extremely dangerous pesticide that will be banned in the U.S., can still be sold and used overseas. This raises concerns among food safety experts that farm workers and their families in Latin America and Asia can continue being … Continue reading

Here is another wonderful example of better living through nanotechnology. Maybe.

It sounds great on the surface as many ideas do. Scientists at Cornell University think they’ve solved a widespread public health problem that endangers the health of farm workers and people who live near farms – the drifting of pesticides … Continue reading

Toxic crusader still scorned by small town politicians

If there were a poster child for the overused saying that “no good deeds go unpunished,” it would be Patty Martin. Chuck Allen, a reporter for the Quincy Valley Post Register, wrote a story today about the Quincy City Council … Continue reading