Meltdown fears continue but cyberspace and cable news often filled with bogus information.

Radiation is terrifying to most people. And the less you actually know about it, the more frightening it can be. Watching what looked like an endless Hollywood production of carnage in the coastal communities of northeastern Japan as they were … Continue reading

Vuvuzelas may permanently deafen thousands and the horrible horns will arrive in U.S. ballparks this week

The man who first created and marketed the painfully noisy vuvuzela horn is now including ear plugs with the plastic noisemakers.  But Neil Van Schalkwyk’s generosity may come too late for thousands whose hearing has already been damaged or destroyed. … Continue reading

As droughts expand and water supplies shrivel, is a world water war inevitable?

(This special report is a follow up to last week’s story on dirty water.) If your neighbor had plenty of water but you hadn’t enough to keep your family, your livestock and your crops alive, would you fight for … Continue reading

People are scrambling to get masks that will protect against Swine Flu, but the supply of N95s won’t start to meet demand.

A steady stream of people responded to my story on Thursday about a government panel of medical experts reporting that the standard paper surgical mask will do little or nothing to protect healthcare workers and everyone else from breathing in … Continue reading