Lawyer spends $500,000 to prove that USDA allows sale of millions of pounds of dangerous meat.

It’s easy to suspect ulterior motives when a lawyer says the sky is falling or this or that can kill you.  But in the case of William Marler, who many believe is one of the nation’s leading food safety lawyers, … Continue reading

USDA may find courage to outlaw bacteria in your burgers that sickens 30,000 a year.

Do you ever wonder why the beef industry and government warn consumers to “cook the life out of your burgers?” To understand what’s behind these words of caution we need to discuss some facts, acronyms, how the food poisoning, especially … Continue reading

Hike in H1N1 deaths expected because people at greatest risk aren’t seeking treatment

The head of the Centers for Disease Control said he expects to see increasing numbers of deaths from swine flu because those most at risk from the disease are not seeking treatment when they become ill. That, said CDC Chief … Continue reading

Federal action is needed to heal poisonous wounds inflicted by mining corporations hunting for money.

For decades, hard rock mining, the search for gold, silver and other precious metals, brought people, industry and wealth to Montana. But corporations funding the mining, mostly foreign-owned, abandoned the played-out mines, leaving once beautiful mountains as gutted waste sites … Continue reading