Exporting Death: Rejuvenating Canada’s Last Asbestos Mine

ASBESTOS, Quebec – There appears to be a scientific miracle happening about 75 miles north of the U.S.- Canadian border and it’s angering hundreds of physicians and public health workers around the globe. Politicians, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats in Quebec insist … Continue reading

Lifesaving drugs may be killing health workers

This is an important story that hasn’t been written before. Carol Smith, a skilled reporter and gifted writer, has documented something that had been rumored for years to be killing medical professionals, proven in peer-reviewed studies, but ignored by government … Continue reading

EPA returns to old vermiculite processing sites throughout the country to see if neighbors are at risk from asbestos.

A Cold Truth Special Report SPOKANE, Wash. – It was a strange sight. Two people dressed head-to-toe in protective Tyvek and full-face respirators, carrying a stainless steel bowl and a dirt scoop as they weaved through tomato plants, ducked under … Continue reading

Government is sending money to care for asbestos victims in Libby. Will W.R. Grace keep picking up medical bills as it promised?

People in Libby, Mont. are through licking their wounds and are working to put the acquittal earlier this month of W.R. Grace and its executives behind them. But many say they live in fear that the innocent verdict offered up … Continue reading

The future of the criminal charges against W.R. Grace are now in the hands of the jury and Judge Donald Molloy.

HEADLINE: After ten hours of almost non-stop closing arguments Wednesday, the W.R. Grace criminal case has gone to the jury. Looking around the courtroom, most lawyers, investigators, court watchers and reporters had puzzled expressions on their faces – somewhat like … Continue reading