Heists of meds and costly baby formula soar and feds worry about dangers to consumers.

Some well-organized gangs are showing the sort of criminal skill and chutzpa usually found only on the big screen as they thwart elaborate alarm systems, drop through warehouse roofs and empty shelves.  They aren’t stealing electronics or jewels. These nervy … Continue reading

Last year was a rough one for food safety. Will 2010 be any better?

Over the holidays I wrote about a meal we all wanted to avoid. For the appetizer: San Antonio Bay oysters polluted with Noroviruses. For the main course: grilled beef infected with E. coli from contaminated tenderizing needles; chicken with Campylobacter … Continue reading

Government scientists find that cinnamon may be a life-saver because it prevents brain swelling.

In what appears to be important news for victims of traumatic brain injury and stroke, the tropical spice cinnamon has been found to prevent brain cells from swelling. The swelling is a condition in which fluid either accumulates within brain … Continue reading

Cops and docs team up to learn how preschool teachers got stoned from marijuana brownies.

The federal government and the LAPD “launched a collaborative investigation” probing what just about every college kid knows: if buying brownies from a street vendor, there is a good chance that they may contain more than flour, sugar and chocolate … Continue reading

Genetically modified crops first fought pests and weeds, but scientists say advances can protect and improve human health.

The first generation of GM seeds was concocted to keep crops free of weeds and bugs. Now, Japanese scientists have come up with a new generation of genetically modified food that they say will benefit the health of those who … Continue reading